Managing your Community Association doesn't have to be complicated.



Decentralize your data and make it easy for your board members to access the latest association data as well as historical occupancy information.



Stay up-to-date with member requests and streamline your communication to your entire association. Take a team based approach to tackling those tasks while keeping the other board members in the progress loop.



Collect dues easily through our payment system or use your existing collection method. Easily remind members that they have upcoming payments or if they are a little late paying those dues.

Save time.

By standardizing the process, your community association will save time training new board members and volunteers. Simple Neighbor saves you time by gathering information and communication in a single place. 

  • Mass communication tools

  • Reduce data entry time

  • Increase data accuracy

  • Faster role transition

Share info.

Decentralized data means that no one person holds the master list.

All members have access to the same up-to-date information. 

  • No special software to install

  • Information available 24/7

  • Retain info as members change

Secure data.

Storing your data securely in the cloud is much safer than relying on a single board member to make sure the data is safe and backed up.

  • Industry leading cloud based infrastructure.

  • Data access controls


We're not here to start an empire, we're just trying to help you manage
your organization by building easy-to-use, always-available tools.

Manage Members

Who lives in that corner house again?

Keep track of who lives in each property, keep contact info for property owners, and ensure that dues are accurate.

Stay In Touch

Got a pool party this weekend? Need to remind everyone that the neighborhood cleanup is tonight? Or do you just need to remind someone to pay their dues?

Use our news and message system to keep your members up to date!

Unit History

Each home, apartment, or unit has a history, but remembering what happened over the years, and across homeowners can be challenging.

Keep track of maintenance issues, damage, paint colors, whatever you need.


Be Reachable

Don't rely on emails to your private account or texts to your phone to be reachable by your members.

With our Issue Tracking system, members can create an issue for anyone in your organization to respond.


Easy Billing

Online billing is the best way to help your members easily pay their dues. We integrate with to offer online payments for your organization.


Simple Ledger

Keeping track of a spreadsheet is frustrating. We can help you track your member payment information in the cloud, while being accessible on any platform, any time.


Minimum fee is $10 per month.

Add-Ons can be added/removed from your account at any time.